Corporate Rebels: Rebel Event Tour

Colonia Nova - Corporate Rebels: Rebel Event Tour

Corporate Rebels: Rebel Event Tour

14 June 2017

After a year of traveling around the world and visiting the world's most inspiring organizations, the Corporate Rebels are now ready to share their findings and to ignite a spark of change in the way you and your organization work!

During the workshop, we’ll share what we learned from visiting over 50 workplace pioneers around the world.

This interactive full-day event will be run by Joost Minnaar, Pim de Morree, Freek-Jan Ronner & Tom Strasser-Neuhofer. 
You will meet like-minded Rebels and learn all about our discoveries of the world’s most inspiring workplaces. From trends to best practices, and from tools to beautiful transformation stories. 

Check out more information on Corporate Rebels and the Rebel event here:

Be quick and get the last available tickets!

Wednesday 14th of June, Doors open at 9 AM