This is Colonia Nova

Colonia Nova is an event loft with a rooftop terrace in Berlin
We offer a lavish 400 sqm event loft, flooded with daylight, in the vibrant neighbourhood of Neukölln. This event space can be used for all sorts of events ranging from conferences to showrooms. The modular nature of the loft allows for a creative use of the space, also making it perfect for hosting multiple workshops simultaneously. Moreover, our 500 sqm rooftop terrace with its view over the south-side of Berlin, can be used as a break-out space during meetings or as an event location on itself. 

Event Loft
We offer a premium 500 sqm loft for various purposes.

Colonia Nova - Ableton
Ableton makes Push and Live for your music production - hardware and software to create, record and bring music to the stage.
Colonia Nova - Bundesverband Gesundheits-IT
The Bundesverband Gesundheits-IT (bvitg e. V.) represents the leading IT providers in the healthcare sector in Germany.
Colonia Nova - Vattenfall
Vattenfall AB is a Swedish energy company and one of the leading - by its own account the fifth largest - electricity producers in Europe.
Colonia Nova - tapaus
Tapaus is an event agency founded in 2012 that designs and produces live, hybrid and virtual events.
Colonia Nova - share
share is a German consumer goods brand with products in the areas of food, beverages and personal care. Based on the "1+1 Principle" (also known as the "Buy-One Give-One" principle), an equivalent product or service is donated for each share product.
Colonia Nova - e+p films
As one of the largest film productions in Germany, e+p films shot the latest spot for the Agentur für Arbeit in our loft last week.
Colonia Nova - MTU Aero Engines
MTU Aero Engines develops, manufactures, markets and supports commercial and military aircraft engines of numerous thrust and power categories, as well as stationary industrial gas turbines and marine gas turbines.
Colonia Nova - BÜNDNIS 90 DIE GRÜNEN
Colonia Nova - Sinn Macht Gewinn
SINN|MACHT|GEWINN is the community for an economy of tomorrow.
Colonia Nova - tado° GmbH
Besides reducing energy consumption and increasing savings the thermostat also considers the residents' overall comfort. tado° detects the absence or presence of residents via smartphone and then adjusts the heating automatically.
Colonia Nova - Inkitt
Inkitt is the world’s first reader-powered book publisher, offering an online community for talented authors and book lovers.
Colonia Nova - Stromnetz Berlin
Stromnetz Berlin GmbH is the owner and operator of the Berlin electricity grid and is responsible for connections, operation, maintenance, use and expansion of the grid, as well as for the provision and reading of electricity meters.
Colonia Nova - So Fresh
SoFresh is on a mission to fuel a life in motion through fresh food. Each meal that is served is rooted in transparency using only real ingredients.
Colonia Nova - Schering Stiftung
The Schering Stiftung promotes the life sciences, the contemporary arts, as well as scientific and cultural education. A key focus of the Foundation’s activities is on projects at the interface of science and art.
Colonia Nova - Re:solution
Resolution builds software solutions that integrate seamlessly into Atlassian products.
Colonia Nova - HL7


HL7 Germany is one of about 40 national representatives and works on the promotion and dissemination of the standard in Germany.
Colonia Nova - Constantin Film
Colonia Nova - Gymondo
Video shoot for the latest videos for the Gymondo app.
Colonia Nova - Cariad
Colonia Nova - Vattenfall
Colonia Nova - Digital Service
Introduction week for the Work 4 Germany fellowship Work4Germany bringt methodenstarke Transformations-Expert:innen aus der Privatwirtschaft mit Vorreiter:innen der Bundesministerien zusammen. 
Colonia Nova - Styleheads
Influencer event for Fila Europe
Colonia Nova - Leben im Flämig
Colonia Nova - Allianz pro Schiene
Colonia Nova - Familie Redlich
Team meeting by Familie Redlich
Colonia Nova - tolino StoryDays
The first digital tolino StoryDays with interactive talks and workshops. You can find more info here.
Colonia Nova - Immersive X 2021
IMMERSIVE X is a hybrid conference that invites decision-makers in marketing, media and communications on an interactive journey of discovery.
Colonia Nova - GeWoBag World Café
A world café is a structured conversational process for knowledge sharing in which groups of people discuss a topic at several small tables like those in a café.
Colonia Nova - ESA - Annual Network Meeting
ESA Space Solutions holds their annual network meeting in our loft over the course of 3 days, combined with an exquisite lunch and dinner on our rooftop. For more info:
Colonia Nova - Kreativ Bund - UM-PFLASTERN!
Vom 16.09. – 18.09.2021 lädt das Innovation Camp UMPFLASTERN 250 kreative Köpfe dazu ein, neue Wege zur lebendigen Innenstadt zu ergründen. Wie könnte eine zukunftsfähige Entwicklung unserer Stadtzentren aussehen? Welche Projekte, welche Lösungen helfen uns wirklich?
Colonia Nova - OceansApart - Influencer Event
Influencer event for Oceans Apart
Colonia Nova - WECHANGE - Civil Society Energy 2021 Workshop
WECHANGE - Civil Society Energy 2021 Workshop Im Rahmen des Arbeitfeldes Austausch & Vernetzung fand nun der Civil Society Energy 2021 Workshop statt, indem WECHANGE internationale Energiekooperativen zum Austasch versammelt habe.
Colonia Nova - Europa Universität Expert:innen - Workshop
Im Rahmen des Workshops „Gute Arbeit für die Live-In-Pflege–Gestaltungsoptionen für Politik und Praxis“ stellt das Forschungsteam seine Analysen und Gedanken zur Diskussion.  
Colonia Nova - Comacon - Content Creator Festival
Für 24 Stunden streamen wir live ein vielfältiges Programm mit rund 75 Programmpunkten auf vier Social-Media-Kanälen für die Teilbereiche der Kreativwirtschaft.
Colonia Nova - Gymondo
Videoshoot with Gymondo - Online Fitness
Colonia Nova - Peach Berlin X Zalando
Photoshoot for Zalando by Peach Berlin
Colonia Nova - Qualitypool
Qualitiypool arbeitet daran, die Vermittlung von Finanzprodukten für alle Beteiligten transparenter und fairer zu machen.  Für mehr Infos schauen Sie unter
Colonia Nova - Hybrid Conference
The Story So Far ...
Colonia Nova - Graphic Recorder Gipfel
2 days branch meeting 2020 Berlin >> Graphic Recorder Summit >>
Colonia Nova - FÖS Konferenz
Specialist conference as part of the annual meeting >> >> Let's talk about it: Erfolgreiche Kommunikatio von marktwirtschaftlicher Umweltpolitik.
Colonia Nova - Meeting Berlin
Citizen Circle - 5th birthday and autumn gathering. Berlin Meeting September 05th 2020.
Colonia Nova - Spacebase Choice 2020
Colonia Nova - Workshop
Workshop to a good cause - Basic training for coaching young people and kids.
Colonia Nova - Shooting Berlin
Great creative team. Shooting with Hugo Boss.
Colonia Nova - Photo Shooting
Photo shooting for beautiful wedding inspiration in cooperation with IDO Events.
Colonia Nova - MMAATTCCHH
music video shoot for luciano
Colonia Nova - International Women's Day Brunch
For this years International Women's Day Colonia Nova partnered up with Indie Magazine to host a brunch in support of
Colonia Nova - Iconosquare
3-Day internal meeting by Iconosquare
Colonia Nova - Bundesagentur für Arbeit
A 1-day strategy conference for the Berlin-Brandenburg Bundesagentur für Arbeit.
Colonia Nova - SNIPES - Showroom Event
Annual Showroom event in our loft by Snipes.
Colonia Nova - 4Flow
A 1-day HR Workshop in our Loft.
Colonia Nova - TB International
Colonia Nova - PuschWahlig
PuschWahlig Workplace Law
Colonia Nova - Traction by ESCP Europe
Gain a foothold in techtraction brings students from Europe's best universities together in Berlin to learn about the tech ecosystem. You will meet VCs, accelerators, as well as early-stage, and late-stage companies. Kick-off your career in tech!
Colonia Nova - Marktplatz Neukölln | Unternehmen engagieren sich für Neukölln!
The first Market Place for Entrepeneurs in Neukölln.  Find out more information here.
Colonia Nova - Deutsche Bahn
Change.Together A one- day conference including dinner and party for the Change Community from Deutsche Bahn.
Colonia Nova - Coca Cola European Partners
During these days the Coca Cola European Partners will engage in a creative workshop.
Colonia Nova - PEPE digital:masters
During the PEPE digital:masters creators of the most innovative marketing campaings, in the fields of insurance, private- and corporate banks will gather.
Colonia Nova - Dekra
A discussion event by Dekra will take place in our loft.
Colonia Nova - Bonial - Company Leadership Program
The official kickoff of Bonial's Company Leadership Program with a group of 55 leaders.  
Colonia Nova - Sellics
Corporate offsite and rooftop dinner for the team and friends of Sellics.
Colonia Nova - SNIPES - Showroom Event
Showroom event by Snipes
Colonia Nova - Körber Digital
Körber Digital will come to our loft for a 2-day corporate offsite.
Colonia Nova - Urban Classics - Showroom Event
Urban Classics Showroom Event
Colonia Nova - SUYF - Summer Business Networking Event
Start Up Your Future organises their Summer Business Networking Event in our loft. During this event participants will get to know other mentees and mentors from Start-Up Your Future.They will also meet other entrepreneurs and have the possibility to expand their network.
Colonia Nova - Showroom Reebok
Reebok is showcasing their latest product for spring/summer 2020.
Colonia Nova - Berlin Letters Festival
Berlin Letters is a new festival for Lettering, Sign Painting, Calligrahpy and Type-Design. During these 3 days there will be workshops and speakers, plenty of new inspiration and many opportunities to meet new people. 
Colonia Nova - Chancen-Markt
More and more companies in Berlin and the surrounding area want to give refugees access to the German labor market. Often, however, companies don't have the right contacts yet with potential applicants.
Colonia Nova - STATE - KI Innovationscamp
Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important technologies of this century, which allows for completely new applications for the creative sector.
Colonia Nova - Authentic Beauty Concept - Product Launch
The Authentic Beauty Concept launches its products over the course of 3 days. Guests from all over Europe have been invited to experience the Authentic Beauty Concept first hand, in different areas within our loft.  
Colonia Nova - CPS-IT
A one-day team meeting from CPS-IT. 
Colonia Nova - ORGANIZI.NG
The ORGANIZI.NG team will come back to our loft for 4 days of workshops and meetings.
Colonia Nova - SNIPES - Showroom Event
SNIPES Showroom event 
Colonia Nova - Hello Clue - Corporate Offsite
Hello Clue will come to our loft for their 2-day corporate offsite. Reflecting on their business and planning ahead for the year to come. For more info about Hello Clue and their famous app, check out their website.
Colonia Nova - Amorelie
The Amorelie team will come to our loft to work on their stategies for 2019 and celebrate their enormous succes in the last year.  
Colonia Nova - Serviced Apartment Summit - Recharge
SAS EUROPE RECHARGE 2019 is a two-day serviced apartment, apart-hotel, extended stay and short term rental business event, featuring a prestigious collective of leaders. An event to make connections that truly last - where people arrive as attendees and leave as friends! 
Colonia Nova - Digitaler Stoffdesign Workshop / Spoonflower & Adobe Deutschland
Spoonflower and Adobe Deutschland will guide you through the process of creating your own fabric.
Colonia Nova - Urban Classics Showroom
Urban Classics returnes to our loft for their biannual showroom event.
Colonia Nova - GoEuro - Corporate Offside
GoEuro is spending this day in our loft to let everyone in the team get to know eachother and to get ready for 2019! Find more info on GoEuro here.
Colonia Nova - DiEM25
During this weekend DiEM25 will hold their political assemly in our loft.
Colonia Nova - Daimler
Daimler department meeting
Colonia Nova - is bringing her people in from the different Takeaway offices in Europe.  They will celebrate their results from last year and talk about their course for the upcoming year.
Colonia Nova - Workshop Im Loft
Are you a photographer, and are you looking for ways to keep learning and growing? In their annual workshop, Julia and Gill will bring together the most creative and inspiring people from the scene.
Colonia Nova - PEPE digital:masters
PEPE digital:masters: THE event to learn more about groundbreaking campaigns and products from the digital marketing world, that have been put to use for Berlin's insurance companies, savings- and cooperative banks.
Colonia Nova - Careem
Careem is the latest ride-hailing service, founded in Dubai in 2012, providing customers with reliable, safe, convenient, and affordable travel. Founded in Dubai in 2012.
Colonia Nova - SNIPES - Showroom Event
SNIPES Showroom Event
Colonia Nova - Urban Classics - Showroom Event
Our friends from Urban Classics are back, for a week long showroom event in our Loft!  
Colonia Nova - BeMyApp - Hackathon
BeMyApp specializes in Building relationships between companies and developers. This time BeMyApp organizes a 3-day Hackathon, taking place in our loft and on the rooftop! For more info check out their website.
Colonia Nova - Polaroid Originals - Product Presentation
Polaroid Originals will come to our loft to present their latest products, to a select group of people. For more info on Polaroid, check out their website.
Colonia Nova - Mercedes-Benz Vans
Leadership Seminar - Department Operations Vans Europe.
Colonia Nova - 3rd International Restaurant Real Estate Congress 2018
3rd International Restaurant Real Estate Congress 2018Food is the new fashion. 
Colonia Nova - Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv
Empower your creative business with the Berlin Kreativ Konferenz
Colonia Nova - Teamleader - Work Smarter
How to get stuff done? Teamleader is looking forward to answering this question together with you, startuppers and entrepreneurs, in their Work Smarter event. 
Colonia Nova - Shiseido - Product Presentation
Shiseido is a make-up brand with a history of over a 100 years, starting in Ginza, Tokyo.
Colonia Nova - Urban Styles Agency - Showroom Event
The super cool Urban Styles Agency is having a showroom event at the Loft during this week! 
Colonia Nova - Facebook Journalism Project
Facebook announces the launch of its Journalism Project. 
Colonia Nova - URBAN CLASSICS Showroom Event
Urban Classics' showroom event happening at the Loft during the Berlin Fashion Week! 
Colonia Nova - Phasix
Phasix internal workshop.
Colonia Nova - Liebeskind - Sales Workshop
Two-days internal sales workshop organised by the Berlin based brand Liebeskind.
Colonia Nova - Fashion Show Berlin
#PARISMEETSBERLIN is the Live Fashion Show happening next week at the loft. It is organised by the fashion school, Atelier Chardon Savard. For every fashion lover out there, #parismeetsberlin is the event!
Colonia Nova - Digitalisation in continuing education
In the course of digitization, adult education institutions are faced with the challenge of designing their own internal and external learning processes according to the requirements of the digital environment.
Colonia Nova - Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 - National Media Launch
The notorious motorcycle brand Husqvarna just revealed during a national launch at Colonia Nova its latest model: the Vitpilen 701. For every motorcycle fans, this brand new model will be available on the market from February 2018! 
Colonia Nova - KALTBLUT Magazine presents: VOLUME A
KALTBLUT Magazine presents: VOLUME A at Colonia Nova.
Colonia Nova - Speedlab: Teaching the future
SpeedLabs is an event format that combines panel discussions, lectures and parallel short workshops (LernLabs). In line with the format of the "speedating", all the participants take part in every learning lab. 
Colonia Nova - Julie & Gil - Photography Workshop at the Loft
Julia & Gil are a couple of wedding photographers from Leipzig. For them, there is nothing nicer than to photograph lovers!
Colonia Nova - Berlin Open Data 2017
The Open Data Day - initiated by the Senate Departement for Economics, Energy and Enterprises - will happen on the 4th of October 2017. This will be an informative conference on the topic of data filing. 
Colonia Nova - Adriana Napolitano - Video Shooting
Adriana Napolitano is a 33 year old Italian polyvalent artist: photographer, set designer and also prop stylist and fabricator for commercials, short movies, fashion shootings, music videos, stop animation. You got it! Adriana does everything... You name it, she'll do it. 
Colonia Nova - Intercoiffure Deutschland
Intercoiffure Berlin Mitte at the loft! 
Colonia Nova - Berlin VR Game Jam
VRBase and Oculus Medium teamed up to organize a 3 days VR Game Jam in Berlin! The event is happening this weekend at Colonia Nova. 
Colonia Nova - SNIPES Showroom Event
SNIPES Showroom Event 
Colonia Nova - Startupbootcamp Berlin
Startupbootcamp is a global family of industry-focused programs. 
Colonia Nova - Deutschland weiterdenken D2030 – Die Zukunftskonferenz
D2030 would like to invite you to a conference about the future. The event will be on the 6th and on the 7th of July in Berlin. 
Colonia Nova - BFW 4.0
In the coming years, digitalization will become extremely important for companiesin the real estate sector. This will change future processes. To make optimum use of the potentials of this new technologies, we need to create framework conditions.
Colonia Nova - Couch Magazin
Fashion week with Couch Magazin at the Loft.
Colonia Nova - MOIA Brand Day
MOIA is the newest company in the Volkswagen Group. Officially launched in December 2016, MOIA was set up for the purpose of redefining mobility for people living in urban areas.
Colonia Nova - Auction & Exhibition
The art project „us the image“ comes back for a second round: exhibition and auction in Neukölln. The four photography presented on large screens are the result of the work 28 artists' work.
Colonia Nova - Record Release - Sero
One and Only Release Party von Sero.Check out the video here: Label:
Colonia Nova - Kaleidoscope VR Showcase
Kaleidoscope SHOWCASE, Vol. 2 // BERLIN > > > worldwide the best of independent Virtual Reality > > >
Colonia Nova - Photo Shooting - Lufthansa InTouch
Photo shooting employees Lufthansa InTouch.
Colonia Nova - Huawei Roadshow Berlin
Huawei P10 product presentation Berlin.
Colonia Nova - Meeting - DJJG
Deutsch - Japanische Jugendgeselschaft e.V. #Seitenwechsler2017
Colonia Nova - Customer Happiness Tour
It’s the Age of the Customer where instantaneous, personalised and omnichannel customer service has become the norm. In this highly competitive and fast paced environment, how do companies consistently keep their customers happy?
Colonia Nova - Conference - Mittelstand Digital
Ihr Geschäftsmodell digital gedacht.Ein digitales Geschäftsmodell zu entwickeln ist ein spannendes Experimentierfeld. Wer diese Herausforderung annimmt, kann seinen Erfolg enorm steigern. Hürden zu nehmen ist Unternehmern nicht fremd – aber wie geht man es konkret an?  Informationen.
Colonia Nova - Workshop Berlin Part II
Part II. Content: 18-month learning programme for NGOs on the topics of story telling, campaigning and advocacy. More information here:
Colonia Nova - VR Berlin Meetup
VR Berlin Meetup #22 The last VR Berlin Meetup of this year is once again at the great location of Colonia Nova on the 21st of December. We are looking forward to an exciting evening with inspiring talks, networking and demos!
Colonia Nova - taz. - Christmas celebration private
Christmas celebration - private.
Colonia Nova - Book release & exhibition
(((PARADIES))) Exhibition & book release.1st December 2016, 8pm
Colonia Nova - Hack Day Berlin - Babbel
Growth Day. Hack Day Babbel-Marketing at the Loft. 17th November 2016.
Colonia Nova - Exhibition
Exhibition by students of Berlin University of the Arts.
Colonia Nova - panel discussion, conference berlin
Panel discussion with Hans Christian Ströbele (GRÜNE),
Colonia Nova - ESPI Campfire
Campfire hosted by design agency ESPI.
Colonia Nova - Conference Berlin - UkraineLab
LinkLab: Fair of partnerships and tools for projects between Ukraine and EU.
Colonia Nova - Social Spot
Social spot. Ten years General Equal Treatment Act (GETA). Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes (ADS).
Colonia Nova - Barcamp, Dena
Barcamp hold by Deutschen Energie Agentur (dena).
Colonia Nova - Symposium, Conference
Network Meeting in Berlin.You are invited to the first ever Tandem Network Meeting!! Believe it or not, but Tandem has been around for full five years. We believe this is a reason to get together and celebrate.
Colonia Nova - Rooftop winebar
Pop up rooftop winebar from July until August. Video Opening 1. July 2016.
Colonia Nova - Hackday - Babbel Bytes
Babbel 5th Hackday in Berlin.
Colonia Nova - Conference, Aftershow
Tekom spring conference 2016 from 14th until 15th April. Event location Estrel Berlin and Colonia Nova. Aftershow at our luxurious Loft.
Colonia Nova - Conference Berlin - Open Space
Open Space digital education & refugees.Network event 8. and 9. April 2016 in Berlin
Colonia Nova - Workshop - Lucid Berlin
Lucid warmly invites youto dance, sweat and dream with usas we welcome in Spring!
Colonia Nova - Exhibition - Comic Invasion 2016
Comic Invasion Berlin 2016. 1st of April. Kickstart the 2016 COMICINVASIONBERLIN Berlin Comics Festival and Satellite Program featuring a big exhibition with:
Colonia Nova - Opera Berlin
Alltagsoper presents 'Don Giovanni' by W.A. Mozart TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE
Colonia Nova - Art Exhibition, Daniel Maria Thurau Berlin
Artist: Daniel Maria Thurau La Isla Curiosa - Solo Show. Wir freuen uns über die erste Soloausstellung von Daniel Maria Thurau in unserem neuen Ausstellungsloft.
Colonia Nova - Meeting Berlin, 48h Neukölln
Meeting & Symposium. detailed information will be follow. Client: 48-stunden-neukoelln
Colonia Nova - Art Exhibition, Time Squared Berlin
Social Media Event with Live Chat, Video Art, Art Documentaries and more. Artists: Maarten Boekweit, Jasmine Muenz, Alicia Everett, Kale Roberts and Oliver Dariusz.
Colonia Nova - Festival Berlin, Healing Arts 
Colonia Nova - Showroom Berlin, Adidas
Adidas Showroom Colonia Nova. Presentation of the new collection for the Sales Marketing Meeting in Berlin.
Colonia Nova - Art Exhibition Berlin, US THE IMAGE Show
US THE IMAGE in cooperation with Colonia Nova presents the unique results of a two years project. Seven photo shootings on 35 canvases customized by 28 artists. ARTISTS:
Colonia Nova - Music Video, Delta
Colonia Nova - Daylight production photo
Photo shoot with Charley Ann Schmutzler, winner of 'The Voice of Germany'.
Colonia Nova - Opening Thiemannstrasse
19-21.00 Open House +++ 21-24.00 Live Music & DJ