Adriana Napolitano - Video Shooting

Colonia Nova - Adriana Napolitano - Video Shooting

Adriana Napolitano - Video Shooting

26 September 2017

Adriana Napolitano is a 33 year old Italian polyvalent artist: photographer, set designer and also prop stylist and fabricator for commercials, short movies, fashion shootings, music videos, stop animation. You got it! Adriana does everything... You name it, she'll do it. 

Her work is a quirky combination of photography, crafts, and digital manipulation. She is totally in love with paper, but can work with almost any material and find the best way to realize anything stuck in your and her head. 

We are super happy to have her in house next week during a video shooting about her work! Very much excited to see her working live! 

Just take a minute to visit her website and discover her dreamy and magical universe.