Auction & Exhibition

Colonia Nova - Auction & Exhibition
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Auction & Exhibition

10 June 2017

The art project „us the image“ comes back for a second round: exhibition and auction in Neukölln.

The four photography presented on large screens are the result of the work 28 artists' work.

Following the success of their first event two years ago, the Berlin artist group „Us The Image“ re-unites on the 10th of June 2017 with the Culture house Colonia Nova to present their ongoing projects. Four well known figures of the Berlin cultural and nightlife scenes such as the movie director Ralf Schmerberg and the musician Pilocka Krach had been portrayed. These elaborate photo shootings resulted into big prints that were then used as working material by 28 artists. Well known names such as Dury Brennan, Daniel Maria Thurau, the street art icon XOOOOX as well as many other creatives have worked on those photographies. With total freedom in the technic and the style used, this work produced unique pieces of art.

The highlight of the exhibition: the art pieces will go under the hammer during the auction. The opening bid is 200 euros. Doors open at 5pm with and a relaxed DJ set from Jama DJ (Kater Blau) and Admiral Gaboon (Rosi’s). Guests are welcomed to discover the works and have a chat with the people behind the project. A live-painting is also planned for the evening.

US THE IMAGE: Exhibition and Auction

Saturday 10th Juni 2017 from 17:00h. Start art auction 20:00h.


US THE IMAGE Artists 2017

Katharina Bergmann
Lily Berlin
Jorge Chamorro
Drury Brennan
Yuti Feiler
Tom Ernst
Eva Galonska
Herwig Hoffmann
Beate Köhne
Thoas Lindner
Daniel Lisson
Hans Löbermann
Heinrich Nicolaus
Stephanie Nückel
Uta Pätzold
Tlalit Raayoni
Yuna Schubert
Laura Schürmann
Jürgen Schwämmle
Márk Zsáry-Tomka
Studio Kalaschnikov
Cordula Sumalvico
Daniel M Thurau
Silke Thoss
Ila Wingen
Olav Winkelmann
Tina Zimmermann