Customer Happiness Tour

Colonia Nova - Customer Happiness Tour

Customer Happiness Tour

20 February 2017

It’s the Age of the Customer where instantaneous, personalised and omnichannel customer service has become the norm. In this highly competitive and fast paced environment, how do companies consistently keep their customers happy?

Our quest to find this answer is what led us to host the first Customer Happiness Tour (CHT) event in New York City. Customer support leaders gathered in an attempt to define the “secret sauce” to customer support and discuss strategy. The event was a success; key insights were shared, a bunch of introductions were made. And we received a lot of emails as well, from customer support experts who were interested in participating in another such event.
So, we decided to hold another one. And then another one.

And here we are, with events happening all over the world. So, if you are interested in joining a group of like-minded customer support professionals as they explore strategies and share actionable insights and anecdotes, join us at a CHT event happening in a city near you.