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Kaleidoscope VR Showcase

07 April 2017

Kaleidoscope SHOWCASE, Vol. 2 // BERLIN
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Kaleidoscope BERLIN is a community for VR Creators to explore the art and science of virtual reality. Holding 3 Showcases per year, Kaleidoscope brings together local innovators to share their work, find collaborators, and experience Kaleidoscope's Official Selection of groundbreaking, new projects. Creators from all backgrounds are welcome!

This is the new Official Selection - we are thrilled to present you the very best projects you can find right now - on a yet unmet level!

But it's not just the official selection - we've got talks! Check out the speakers list:

Michael Liebe // presenting Duell VR // www.booster-space.com

Daniel Sproll and David Finsterwalder // Realities.io // presenting Desert & Dom

Sara Lisa Vogl und Dan Kip // with updates on VR-Base

Christiane Wittenbecher (http://intovr.de/) presenting their Stasi Prison Experience "Was wollten Sie in Berlin?– als Häftling im Stasi-Gefängnis“

Vladimir Storm (@vladstorm_) + Alpha Rats (@alpha_rats) ♥ // presenting WUMP VR

Christian Grohganz (VR-NERDS) and Vladimir (VR Human) // Story-Telling in VR


• 5:45 pm: Early Access // Need the early access tickets!
• 6:45 pm: Doors open
• 7:15 pm: A brief Hello by your hosts
• 7:45 pm to 9:30 pm: Presentations in our speakers-corner
• parallel from 7 pm to 11 pm: Demos and Networki

Join us in Berlin, April 7th in the heart at Berlin's VR Scene:.

http://www.colonianova.com/en for a peek into this exciting new frontier.

Get Involved!
If you'd like to help organize the event, or have a partnership opportunity you'd like to discuss or would like to Apply to be an Exhibitor to demo your latest project, get feedback on work-in-progress, or simply show off your favorite VR experiences: please email the Berlin Community Director: Lars Mylius, lars@voodoopop.com

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