Colonia Nova is a creative studio house with 16 daylight studios,

a vast loft and a sunny rooftop terrace in Berlin.

We offer three floors of beautiful daylight studios ranging from 25 to 120 sqm, kitchens, luxurious loft, co-working and meeting spaces and a huge rooftop terrace. We host 16 different artists, companies and institutions such as Reframe, Dirty Dozen, VR Base Berlin, Atelier Disko and many more. We provide all kinds of opportunities to present art, products, companies and institutions in a premium setting in the heart of Neukölln.

Founded in August 2012 by cultural manager Michael Haufe and art auctioneer Fares Al-Hassan, Colonia Nova was developed as the hub of a ramified creative network of 14 years of creative work in Berlin. We now have moved and expanded our creative house in May 2014 to host an even bigger and broader variety of creative companies and artists. Our new first class loft with bar, kitchen, perfect lighting, sound and space is a perfect venue for a all kind of purposes.