Julie & Gil - Photography Workshop at the Loft

Colonia Nova - Julie & Gil - Photography Workshop at the Loft

Julie & Gil - Photography Workshop at the Loft

16 October 2017

Julia & Gil are a couple of wedding photographers from Leipzig. For them, there is nothing nicer than to photograph lovers! They always try to find the perfect light and the most beautiful scenery to create unique wedding photographies. 

On the 17th and 18th of October, they organize a two days workshop at the loft. One time per year, Julia und Gil bring creative and inspiring people to Berlin. This long time dream became reality, and this time will be the very first edition of the workshop. They will spend 2 days in our loft, learn from each other and obviously: have a lot of fun times! There will be guest speakers from different parts of Germany giving presentation of various topics. For the couple of photographers it is also very important to be inspired by different industries and to learn from other areas of photography. That's why the guests aren't solely wedding photographers. 

You can keep updated about the event through their newsletter or their Facebook group

We also recommend you to visit their beautiful website, to find out more about them and read all the details about their upcoming gathering in Berlin!